I’m Paola.
I’m mellow and I’m a life coach.

My job is to help you regain the energy you lost and get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Together, we’ll work on setting up goals that are aligned with what you really want to focus your energy on, how to be more mindful of where your energy goes on a daily basis, and set boundaries in order to protect yourself and your energy.

Life doesn’t have to be something you settle for.

It gets to be one you actually desire, where you are not just living in your purpose but you are embodying your purpose.

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Happy Clients


“I started working with Paola two months ago and I can’t even put into words how much my life has changed to the positive. Besides being the sweetest and kindest soul, she gives great and helpful advice to finally take matters into your own hands. She makes me feel safe and supported, so that I never feel alone in this crazy thing called life. Even in between sessions I can contact her and ask the most random questions. I can highly recommend her coaching sessions to everyone who wants to reach the next level in life!”

Yvonne Karnath

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